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We do all types of testing

Are you web, mobile or API project? We can help your testing.

Testein - easy automation testing - web automation tests

Web automation testing

Do you have an e-shop?

Or maybe big and complex portal?

We can test any type of the website.

It was never so simple to create automation tests for your website

Testein - easy automation testing - REST API automation tests

REST API automation testing

Do you provide complex REST API to your customers and want to be sured if it works correctly?

We provide all needed tools for you.

Call your API, update and check your database, run command line tools - it's already included.

Testein - easy automation testing - mobile automation testing

Mobile automation testing

Do you make a big and popular mobile application?

Our mobile automation testing will help you to deliver better experience to your end customers.

Testein - easy automation testing - load/performance automation testing

Load testing

Do you want to check how your website or API works under high load?

Our load automation testing tools will help you to test it and measure results (status, respone time etc.).

The most needed features for your testing

Increase your testing results by using our incredible features.

Easy to create and run tests

Use web forms to create tests - no code anymore! Run your test manually, by schedule, by GIT commit or CI trigger

Forget about pain of changing tons of properties to make tests stable - change it in one place

Use your own environment

Do you already have your own environment that represents your clients' environments? Use it!

Don't affraid prototype lacking - your tests run on your own secured network and under your control.

Run your tests in our cloud

Don't want to setup own infrastructure? Or maybe you prefer easy scalability?

We have answer for you - use our cloud infrastructure and create as many instances of your tests as you want!

Get beautiful reports, videos and screenshots

Visually explore your test execution results through a beautiful reports with awesome charts, that help you to control your tests

Need to reproduce your steps? With video recording and screenshots you can easily determine what causes your test to fail

Improve your CI/CD process

Testein easily integrates into your existing CI/CD process to make your software more qualitative.

We have plugins for different popular CI/CD tools.

If your favorite one isn't in our list - you can always use our REST API

Create issues with one click

Do you use JIRA or TFS or any other bug tracking system?

With Testein you can easily create issues from your failed tests in one click

Just click one button and new issue with all details - steps, environment, result, reports, screenshots and videos will be posted

Team collaboration and management

Are you small or big team? Or maybe a single player? We can offer you plan, that represents your needs.

Set different access levels, create user groups and work in collaboration with your teammates

Reduce time on tests creation

You think, that you've already speed up your testing? We can offer you something more!

With our predefined templates for different situations (i.e. adding product to cart or sing up), you can create and run your first test in 5 minutes!

Parallel tests execution

You don't need to have a big infrastructure to run your tests in parallel mode.

Use one agent to run multiple test simultaneously - with our parallel mode, you can reduce tests suites execution time up to 8 times (or even more)

Extend our huge library of test steps

We have a huge library of test steps for browsers, API, databases, files, command line etc.

And you always can write a new ones, using JavaScript or Java for own big and complicated steps.

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